The Vision Future Switzerland ophthalmic clinic in Nyon specialises in the laser operation of optical defects. Our centre also offers Ophthalmic Consultations for various pathologies such as cataracts, glaucoma and AMD.

Modern, welcoming and surpassing standards and norms in terms of quality and hygiene, the centre is equipped with the latest generation of ophthalmic appliances. Thus, this equipment enables us to treat the main visual impairments. For example, myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism or even presbyopia. These visual defects can be treated safely by the operating techniques of LASIK, LASIK all laser or Supracor.

Patients wishing to get rid of their glasses and lenses will thus be able to benefit from Vision Future’s expertise in laser eye surgery.


The Teneo 317

Ténép 317 : équipement pour opération des yeux au laserThe Vision Future group is involved in research and development. Indeed, it collaborates with Technolas – Bausch & Lomb, one of the largest manufacturers of ophthalmic lasers. As a result, the group is today at the forefront of laser technologies for the treatment of presbyopia. And thus, Supracor is one of the laser techniques offered to our presbyopic patients.

To do this, our ophthalmic surgeons use the most advanced technology in the world: the Teneo 317. This laser also makes it possible to correct astigmatism thanks to the personalized Zyoptix treatment.

LDV Z2 Femtosecond laser

Laser Femtoseconde LDV Z2 : équipement pour chirurgie laser des yeux

In addition, Vision Future is equipped with the LDV Z2 Femtosecond Laser designed in Switzerland by the company Ziemer.

This compact and mobile model allows patients to be operated on without having to move them during the surgical procedure.

SCORE software

The SCORE software is an ultra-efficient analysis tool that helps the ophthalmologist surgeon in his decision-making. Indeed, this technology can enable the detection of the onset of keratoconus or a cornea at risk.


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