Visual treatments




Our team of orthoptists specializes in the rehabilitation and treatment of binocular vision disorders, mainly related to eye movements and eye muscle coordination.


  • Rehabilitation of certain visual disorders (strabismus, amblyopia, diplopia, convergence problems, etc.)
  • Strengthening eye muscles
  • Enhanced accommodation and near vision

Visual disorders


What problems
visuals can
be corrected
with orthoptics?



Orthoptics for children


In the school environment, orthoptists play an essential role in the management of vision and learning disorders, complementing psychotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Orthoptists help improve school performance in children and adolescents.

  • Early detection and in-depth assessment of visual disorders
  • Recommendation of appropriate treatments and regular follow-up



Some quick answers to your questions

How many sessions does it take to see an improvement?
This depends on the diagnosis made during the orthoptic assessment and the progress of each individual during the rehabilitation sessions. On average, a treatment lasts 12 sessions, but this is only a guide.
How often should rehabilitation sessions be performed?
Rehabilitation sessions are recommended at least 1 or 2 times a week, with a day's rest in between.
Are orthoptic sessions covered by basic health insurance?
Yes, orthoptic sessions are covered by basic health insurance. For more information, please contact your health insurance company.

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