Visual defects




Astigmatism is a corneal anomaly that results in blurred vision at both distance and near. The main cause is corneal deformation. Its curvature takes on an oval shape instead of being rounded. The image of objects does not form exactly on the retina, and the shape of the cornea disturbs focusing.


Astigmatism can appear from birth. It is often associated with myopia or hyperopia.




The symptoms


There are two types of astigmatism: one affects the cornea, the other the lens.


In the case of astigmatism, you may experience various symptoms, such as :


  • Blurred and distorted vision
  • Headaches and eye strain
  • Difficulty estimating distances





Contrary to what you might think, this visual defect can be operated on. Our ophthalmic surgeons use laser surgery to treat astigmatism, whether or not it is associated with other visual defects.


Depending on the particularities of your vision, the surgeons will perform the most appropriate technique.


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